Since 1976, Sodick has manufactured over 60,000 EDM machines and over 45,000 linear motor driven EDMs. Our machines are used for the production of dies, molds and other various applications which cannot be produced by standard machining methods.

Sodick EDMs enable the user to become the envy of their competition. Our commitment to the highest quality standards does not stop at sales but applies equally to providing advice and support for applications, training, parts and service.

Our North American headquarters is located in Schaumburg, IL, conveniently located 20 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The headquarters houses a $5 million parts and consumables inventory that ensures consumable and replacement parts are readily available. Experienced engineers handle customer support and all support calls are documented and entered into a CRM database, resulting in the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

As an EDM leader, Sodick regularly conducts research and development resulting in machines with sophisticated and unique features. Continuous investments are also made in our three production facilities, making it possible to manufacture all machine components for high-precision and high-performance machines. It is our highest aim to continuously serve you by offering the most advanced machines to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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Machine Tool Division

Global Leader in EDM Manufacturing

The Machine Tools Division provides an extensive product lineup that includes electrical discharge machines—representing one of the largest market shares in the world—and metal 3D printers. Sodick’s products are highly regarded in a wide range of fields including the automotive industry and the electronics industry, exemplified by smartphones, digital cameras, and other devices.

Industrial Machinery Division

Excels in areas such as V-LINE® system, small machines, etc.

Injection molding machines are used to manufacture plastic products. Plastic material (resin) is melted and fed (injected) into a metal mold, then hardened to create a shape (molding). Plastic components are employed in various familiar consumer goods including electrical/electronic parts, camera lens, cars, medical equipment, and other devices we use every day. I addition to plastics, Sodick's machines are capable of molding materials such as aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass, and more.

Food Processing Machinery Division

From design to installation, Development, manufacture and sale of food machinery including noodle manufacturing and noodle-making machines

Originally developed as noodle making equipment and a aseptic packed rice production system. Based on the noodle making technology cultivated through 30 years of research and utilizing the analysis method based on the latest food science, we strive to create products that meet the ever changing needs of a global population.