Sodick Japan was founded in 1976, and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016.

We pioneered the development of numerically-controlled EDM, and more broadly our philosophy has been to strive and develop machine tool products addressing customers’ most challenging manufacturing needs.

Sodick, Inc. is a US company engaged in import and sales of Sodick machine tools and consumables, and in providing aftermarket support in North, Central, and South America.

Machine tools are equipped with in-house developed NC controls, linear motors, and motion controllers. EDMs with our proprietary linear motor drive system have surpassed 45,000 units shipped worldwide. The industry’s only 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee has now proven itself for 10 full years since its inception. Customers using Sodick machines have given high remarks for sustained accuracy that remains unchanged for ten years or more after leaving the factory.

In addition to our main product line of Wire-EDM, Sinker-EDM, and High-Speed Machining Center, a new hybrid metal 3D printer was introduced in 2016. Our innovative metal 3D printer combines high-powered laser sintering and high-speed milling (45,000rpm), making it possible to simultaneously achieve modeling and finishing as the desired part is grown. This new technology will greatly expand in its application throughout North America as we progress into the future of manufacturing; we gladly invite you to learn more about Additive Manufacturing and other innovations inside our website.

Our state-of-the-art machine tool products are cutting-edge, and Sodick continues to be an industry leader in developing technologies that will meet the needs of the fast-evolving world of manufacturing. Sodick likewise continues to evolve by closely listening to the voices of our customers. Together, let us create your future.

Yuji Akutsu
President Sodick, Inc.