Metal 3D Printer

The LPM325 is a state-of-the-art high-speed building metal 3D printer. Metal powder is uniformly spread out (re-coating process) and illuminated by laser light that melts and solidifies it. Various shapes can be created through repeated re-coating and melting/solidification processes using laser light to build up the 3D shape in layers. It is also possible to freely arrange 3D cooling channels inside the molded object.

Compare Metal 3D Printer Machines


  • Equipped with the same 500 W fiber laser as high-end models
  • Reference surface cutting function for secondary machining
  • Accurate positioning for secondary machining
  • Parallel Mode Function
  • Fume Collection


  • Automatic Material Recovery System (MRS Unit)


The LPM325 is a state-of-the-art high-speed building metal 3D printer.

Product Descriptions

The molding efficiency for the injection molding of plastic products is significantly affected by the structure of the mold used. Temperature control inside the mold is important and the LPM325 allows 3D cooling channels to be freely arranged inside the mold. This resolves issues with uneven cooling of the mold and permits previously unheard of ultra-high-cycle operation and allows optimization of the molding shrinkage factor.

A 500 W fiber laser is adopted as the laser oscillator that melts and solidifies the metal powder. In addition, considerably reducing the volume inside the build chamber improves the building speed while maintaining high quality, even in large molded objects.

Fume treatment in the machining area is extremely important to achieve sophisticated 3D metal printing. The LPM325 features a newly developed fume recovery unit to keep the machining area clean.

The LPM325 comes with a parallel mode function, enabling simultaneous printing at multiple locations by controlling a single laser at high speed. Cavities and cores printed in the parallel mode can be created with built-in 3D cooling channels that are effective for high- cycle molding.

Using the extremely convenient glove box option allows metal powder recovery without opening the front door of the machine.

To achieve stable 3D metal printing, this machine incorporates our knowledge of chamber construction that has evolved as a proprietary technology over more than 10 years.

The machine incorporates the NC unit "RM4RP" that was developed and manufactured in-house exclusively for the LPM325.

The machine and peripheral devices are installed on a single pallet to allow rapid start-up at the time of installation.


Max Workpiece Size9.84" x 9.84" x 9.84" (250 x 250 x 250 mm)
X - Axis Travel11.02" (280 mm) (Shaper tool)
Y - Axis Travel11.02” (280 mm) (Shaper tool)
U - Axis Travel11.02” (270 mm)
Molding Tank Inner Dimensions13.39" 11.42" (340 x 290 mm)
Max Laser Output500 W
Nitrogen Supply Capacity90NL/min
Machine Tool Dimensions64.17" x 99.41" x 79.53" (1630 x 2525 x 2020 mm)
Machine Tool Weight5512 lbs. (2,500 kg)
Maximum Workpiece Loading Weight264.56 lbs. (120kg)