The following three classes are included with your machine purchase

Sinker EDM Class

The Sinker EDM course is recommended for any new users to Sinker EDM. 
It is a three full day course that is customized to the students needs.


Day 1 
Machine and Control Layout 
Machine Functions 
General EDM Factors

Day 2 
LN Assist Layout 
Make and Run Programs 
Edit and Save Programs

Day 3 
Cutting Conditions 
Using Tool Changers and Offsets 
Using Program Mode 
Machine Maintenance

Wire EDM Class


The Wire EDM Class is 3 days long. The Machine Operation course is recommended for all new users to Sodick EDM equipment. HeartNC programming is used for the examples cut in class.  Training on this software as a tool for DXF importation into the machine to create the tool path (NC program) is provided.  The DXF file is created by CAD software, for example AutoCAD.


Day 1
General EDM Factors 
Machine Maintenance 
Machine Control Layout 
Part Setup Procedures 
             1 – Wire Alignment 
             2 – AWT Jet Alignment 
             3 – Workpiece Setup/Pickup

Day 2

Cutting Conditions 
Sample Part Setup and Cutting 
How to adjust power setting
Import DXF file part into HeartNC
Program and cut class example A

Day 3 
Continue punch and die examples
DXF import programming
Part setup and cutting for training example B and C
Taper cut example and explain parameter setting
T-Limit/T-Lower calibration

Small Hole EDM Class

Call Sodick for more details – 888-639-2325.

High Speed Mill Class

High Speed Mill Training if offered on-site at your facility. The training is three full days and is fully customized to your companies needs and the operators experience level. Contact Sodick directly to discuss your needs and how your training would be customized.

Other Classes
Sodick also offers more advanced training either on-site at your facility or at one of Sodick’s technology centers. Please call us to discuss your specific training needs.