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Sodick, Inc. recently participated in North America’s largest manufacturing show, IMTS 2022. Even after COVID-19, attendance was high and there was increased traffic in the Sodick booth throughout the week. Many machines were highlighted at the show, including the new AL60G with iGroove+ technology, the AD35L, and the newest 3D printer, the LPM325S. Beyond the machine, the consumables team was set up in the front of the booth, displaying various OEM consumables for a variety of different machine tools. After watching the machines in action, visitors had the ability to see the yielded parts up close throughout the booth, including 3D printed parts. Overall, the consistent crowd and the high number of leads mark IMTS 2022 as one for the books, promising another great year for the company.

Sodick, Inc. recently participated in North America’s Largest Manufacturing show, IMTS 2018. There was plenty of excitement at booth# 134802 with the unveiling of the K6HL Multi-Axis Hole Drill; highlighting capabilities that are certain to attract the aerospace industry, such as breakthrough detection and shaped diffuser drilling. Sodick’s new OPM350L Metal 3D Printer was a topic of conversation for many’ with a live speaker noting the products features such as its capacity to produce up to four parts simultaneously with one laser and the use of automation to reduce labor costs. The crowd also had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with more unique products and a wide range of consumables that Sodick included in the exhibit. With over 1,400 new leads, 2019 will undoubtedly be another year of growth for the company.

A partnership with Sodick, a global EDM manufacturing leader, is supporting Pennsylvania College of Technology’s acquisition of innovative electrical discharge machines for instructional purposes.

Through the collaboration, Sodick, a Japanese company with North American headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, is providing four VL400Q High Performance Linear Motor Drive Wire Cut EDM units for use in the college’s Larry A. Ward Machining Technologies Center.

Penn College students and faculty in the machine tool technology, automated manufacturing technology and manufacturing engineering technology majors will benefit from the new high-tech equipment.

Sodick’s products are highly regarded in a wide range of fields including the automotive and electronics industries. The Machine Tools Division provides an extensive lineup that includes electrical discharge machines that are used for applications in which conventional metal removal is either difficult or impossible.

“These new machines are equipped with touch screens, thumb drives and ethernet connectivity that increases productivity and enhances learning opportunities for our students,” said Howard W. Troup, instructor of automated manufacturing and machine tool technology. “Programming and troubleshooting were cumbersome processes, previously influencing students to shy away from EDM operation, but now they are learning in a more effective way, which makes the process fun and more dynamic.”

“Our students are thrilled to design, create and innovate, using this state-of-the-art equipment and technology,” said Loni N. Kline, vice president for college relations. “We are thankful for Sodick’s investment in the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow.”

“Sodick is proud to partner with Pennsylvania College of Technology in providing cutting-edge technology to further the growth of the students and augment their industry knowledge,” said Yuji Akutsu, president of Sodick Inc. “We will continue to support community endeavors and promote academic excellence as it coincides with our companywide philosophy of ‘Create Your Future.’”

For information about automated manufacturing and machining programs at Penn College, visit the School of Engineering Technologies.

Sodicks new addition to its line of Sinker EDM’s is distinguishable by size. The AG200L is now the largest Sinker option available; with dimensions that accommodate virtually any application. This new models rigidity, along with all other Sodick machines is due its cast iron construction. Other standard features include; circuit “Arc-less” machining which reduces cost, human error, cycle time and the number of electrodes used, making it ideal to work with large electrodes and work-pieces. 

The all-new AD Series Sinker EDM machines are built to meet customers’ needs for cost-friendly Sinker EDM machines. The series includes the AD35L and the AD55L high-performance Sinker EDM machines. These linear motor driven models feature the latest no-flush EDM technology, user friendly control and zero-electrode wear combined with increased machining speed. Sodick’s latest EDM technology advancements will ensure higher manufacturing efficiency, drastic cost reduction and shortened delivery time.

Both models include Sodick’s very own rigid linear motor drive technology. Rigid linear motor drives enable not only high-speed, high-precision EDM, but also maintenance-free operations. With this technology, high levels of initial machining accuracy can be maintained for a long period. This unique reliability is why Sodick provides a 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee.

The machines use a full-frame, floor-standing bed design. Heavily ribbed, high-strength castings are used for the bed, table and column construction. The rigid construction ensures long-lasting accuracy.

Sodick’s unique zero electrode wear technology is standard on all Sodick Sinker EDM machines. This technology allows for the EDM of steel materials with virtually zero electrode wear when using graphite or copper electrodes. Less electrode wear results in fewer electrodes, saving on production costs. In some cases, only one electrode is necessary. The ability to minimize wear is made possible by Sodick’s advanced control technology, which stabilizes the use of extremely high discharge ON times; this reduces the amount of times the discharge is started and extinguished. In the past, control technology was not as advanced, and the use of high discharge ON time resulted in an unstable EDM environment, which caused poor productivity. Today, however, thanks to SGF technology, the application of high discharge ON time can be stabilized, producing virtually zero electrode wear.

The AD35L Sinker EDM machine has a X, Y, Z travel of 13.78″ x 9.84″ x 10.63″ (350 x 250 x 270 mm) and can accommodate a workpiece weight of up to 1,212 lb (550 kg). The AD55L has an X, Y, Z travel of 23.62″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″ (600 x 400 x 400 mm) and can accommodate a workpiece weight of up to 2,204 lb (1,000 kg).

Sodick Inc. Joins Phillips Federal’s Additive Manufacturing Team at the Rock Island Arsenal – Delivering Wire EDM and High-Speed Milling

Phillips Corporation, Federal Division, has developed a strategic partnership with Sodick Inc. to provide cutting-edge Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines and high-speed milling to support the initiatives at the Phillips Additive Solutions Center inside the Rock Island Center of Excellence (CoE).

As the industry EDM leader, Sodick’s machines feature linear motor technology and offer custom options with distinct advantages, including improvement in accuracy, repeatability, speed, and acceleration. Since rigid linear motors are a direct electronic drive with no mechanical parts, they eliminate problems with backlash and wear.

Sodick’s EDMs are currently being used to produce technologically advanced, high precision components including turbine disks, shroud segments, turbine blades, turbine nozzles, and vane segments in aerospace and related industries. Sodick’s machine tools are the first choice for leaders in high-technology industries due to their ability to produce exceptional precision in a wide range of work piece sizes.

Dave Thomas, Executive Vice President, states: “From our initial meeting, it was clear that Sodick Inc. and Phillips Federal shared the same business principles in providing the latest state-of-the-art technology. This commitment, along with our shared dedication to maintaining the highest level of business ethics and superior level of customer support, made us a perfect match.”

John Harrison, President of Phillips Corporation Federal Division, adds, “We are excited to have Sodick join our exceptional additive manufacturing partners at Rock Island Arsenal. As a global leader in EDM machines, Sodick will be a key member of Phillips’ additive team contributing to achieving and maintaining the Army’s preparedness through their industry-leading EDM technology.”

For additional information and news about the Phillips Corporation and Rock Island Arsenal initiatives, visit their website at

About Sodick, Inc: Since 1976, Sodick has manufactured over 60,000 EDM machines and over 45,000 linear motor driven EDMs. Sodick machines are used for the production of dies, molds, and applications that cannot be produced by standard machining methods.For more information on Sodick and how we create your future, visit

Sodick’s mission is to continuously serve you by offering the most advanced machines to meet rapidly evolving customer requirements.

About Phillips Corporation: Since 1961, Phillips has served the DoD with manufacturing technology products and expertise. Phillips has exclusive partnerships with industry leaders to provide additive and subtractive support to the Federal Government.

For more information on how Phillips Federal is shaping the future of manufacturing, visit

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Increase capacity, revenue, and your bottom line.
Save on new state-of-the-art Sodick equipment with Section 179 tax deductions. Now is the perfect time to buy— this program is only available through the end of 2023.