Our technology sets us apart.

Since 1976, we have set ourselves apart from the competition with a vertically integrated process that ensures full quality control. Sodick has become the world’s largest EDM manufacturer, and with linear motor technology, we provide the edge you’re looking for in manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

By building parts from the inside out, metal 3D printing is capable of producing complex, internal shapes that are impossible to recreate using traditional methods.

EDM Technology

The EDM process allows for the high precision machining that is normally achieved by experienced engineers to be easily performed by anyone. 


Our K-SMC motion controller directly monitors and automatically readjusts the spark gap so you can avoid delays and cut your energy consumption by nearly 20%.

Software & Data

MT Connect collects and compiles productivity data from machines across your shop floor so you can stay ahead and maximize your business’s performance.

Let’s outperform the competition.

Don’t settle for less. With Sodick technology, we guarantee your machines will do the hard work for years to come so you don’t have to. Connect with us today and start your journey towards the most efficient manufacturing process possible.