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Data collection challenges

Collecting data on your shop floor can be tedious and can delay your process. With LQ Message, Sodick machines automatically collect and compile data from machines across your shop floor to help you identify gaps in production and opportunities for improvement.

Take out the guesswork.

Sodick LQ Message takes the guesswork out of decision-making, and when it comes to your business, you want the most productive and accurate manufacturing process possible. With real-time machine monitoring and maintenance notifications sent to your mobile devices, Sodick LQ Message allows you to make informed decisions about everything from tooling and consumables to the machine tools you invest in.

Sodick Machines

From EDM to 3D metal printing, Sodick has an automated solution for every manufacturing need. Browse our full line of machine technology and upgrade your process today alongside MT Connect.

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No matter what type of machine you’re looking for, our extensive inventory has the solution for you. Connect with one of our experts and get started today.