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Offering unbeatable stability, Sodick provides all the machining solutions you need to upgrade your manufacturing process.

Wire EDM

Featuring Sodick’s patented rigid linear motor technology, our wire EDMs provide the highest accuracy and the best part quality.

Metal 3D Printing

The combination of industry-leading laser sintering technology and Hybrid precision milling brings you unparalleled finishing and unlimited complexity.

Sinker EDM

With high speeds and low electrode wear, Sodick sinker EDM provides high accuracy and fine finishes alongside linear motor technology.

Small Hole EDM

High precision and high speed, Sodick small hole EDM machines are easy to operate and machine difficult-to-cut carbide and heat-treated workpieces.

High-Speed Milling

Next-level Vertical Machining Centers featuring Sodick’s patented linear motor technology, designed and built for high-speed precision milling and unmatched accuracy.


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