Additive Challenges

Additive manufacturing can be complex and often requires extensive post-process operations to finish the product. Sodick’s OPM metal 3D printers solve these challenges with One Process Machining, building and finishing the product within the same machine. For printing with multiple materials, the LPM series allows you to print with different materials by switching the Material Recycling System.

Parallel Mode Function

Sodick LPM machines incorporate a parallel mode function, allowing for simultaneous printing at multiple locations by controlling a single laser at high speeds.

Material Recycling System

MRS realizes continuous automatic operation by automatically supplying, collecting, and sifting powder materials, making flexible printing with various metals possible on a single machine to meet a broader range of manufacturing needs.

Stress Relief Technology (SRT)

Controlled heating and cooling of the table neutralizes residual stress to increase accuracy.

3D Parts Laboratory

Let us print your parts. Our 3D printed parts are used across many industries for many applications, and with fast and reliable machining, you can kickstart your R&D and save time. Connect with us today and let’s start printing.

Unparalleled Finishing. Unlimited Complexity.

Our OPM 3D printing technology combines industry-leading laser sintering technology with high-speed milling to print and finish a product in one automated operation. Alternating between traditional machining and printing in one machine, accuracy and finish are significantly improved.

Sodick Machines

With reliable and efficient machines in additive manufacturing, we guarantee your machining needs can be met. Browse our full line of 3D printing machines and upgrade your process today.

Find the best solution for you.

No matter what type of metal 3D printer you’re looking for, our extensive inventory has the solution for you. Connect with one of our experts today and get started with additive manufacturing.