Machines that go further.

Sodick’s innovative solutions supply manufacturers of every industry with the highest quality machining regardless of the application. With unmatched accuracy and stability, Sodick machines are the preferred choice of manufacturers throughout the world.

Aerospace & Defense

High precision is of the utmost importance. Sodick’s rigid linear motor provides vibration-free and backlash-free machining at high speeds for small parts and large work pieces alike.


Decreasing cycle times while cutting costs is mandatory. With rigid linear motor-driven machine tools, automotive manufacturers stay ahead of the competition with superior cutting performance and high speeds.

Mold & Die

From the beginning, Sodick machines have been deeply integrated in the mold and die industry. Each machine is ideally suited to help reduce cycle times, lower costs and achieve finer precision.


Innovation is key. Being a technology-minded company, Sodick’s frictionless drives deliver more reliability with advanced motion control, high accuracy, and precise surface finish.


Medical devices require some of the most demanding machining applications. Sodick machines achieve the highest reliability while holding the highest tolerances without losing accuracy over time.


For parts with micro-scale features and micron-level tolerances, Sodick’s micromachining models improve performance with high rigidity and ceramic components.

Machining solutions for every application.

No matter what industry or what product you are manufacturing, Sodick has a solution. Connect with an expert and get started with Sodick’s innovative machining today.