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With 1/3 the thermal distortion of steel, Sodick ceramics are the gold standard for critical machine parts.

For every 1ºC change in temperature, Steel and Iron materials will shrink or expand by 10 micrometers. Thus, on the average worktable the center position of an EDM wire will shift as work is processed. That’s why Sodick pioneered the use of ceramic materials for all critical machining areas. With a coefficient of thermal expansion of only 3.3, Sodick’s custom-made ceramics experience less than one-third of the distortion of steel. Moreover, these ceramics provide greater rigidity, electrical insulation, and resistance to both chemical and physical abrasion as compared to steel. In other words, ceramics are ideal for EDM.

With ceramics used in the work stand, work table, upper and lower arms, and more, Sodick machines are the only machines to come standard with this durable material across our entire product range, from our premium models all the way to our economy models. Sodick is uniquely capable of implementing these high-tech materials economically, because only Sodick manufactures our own ceramics in-house. With thermal resistance and zero rust, the construction of Sodick critical components is unparalleled.