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As EDM and precision machining technology advances, accurate and timely data has become increasingly important. Our latest software, LQ Message, is the newest innovation in machine monitoring and data collection. With the ability to monitor your entire shop floor and save all data on one device, LQ Message can help your team improve productivity, shorten cycle times, and foster organizational growth. 

What is LQ Message?

LQ Message is a machine monitoring software that utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect the Sodick machines on your shop floor, enabling real-time viewing of machine data and machine health. These connections allow you to track the positions of the machines’ axes, the current running program, the machines’ cycle status, and more. 

In addition to live data viewing, LQ Message can save CSV or XML data files directly to your computer. This data can be further expanded in an interactive dashboard through business intelligence software for in-depth analysis and tracking over time. 

For an even greater level of visibility, LQ Message is also compatible with applications such as Slack and LINE, allowing for instant notifications about changes in a machine’s status and any errors that occur. These messages are sent to a specified channel that permissible users can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

Optimizing Your Operations with LQ Message

Our newest software makes visualizing and interacting with machine data easier than ever, enhancing user-friendliness by localizing critical machine data. From the shop floor to the top floor, LQ Message machine monitoring software can help you make informed, data-driven decisions in your operation. Beyond data visibility, there are many other ways LQ Message can optimize your processes:

Improved Productivity

Having access to real-time data from all the machines on your shop floor allows you to stay ahead of potential problems. The software’s Slack/LINE message integration will notify all permissible users of any changes or interruptions that occur so you can avoid extended downtime in your production process. 

Shortened Cycle Times

The combination of instant notifications on any device and live machine monitoring enables you to reduce the time between cycles and speed up your process like never before. Any user on your LQ Message software can receive notifications when a machine completes a job, eliminating the accidental downtime that may occur between cycles.

Future Growth

Now that you can export and save your machine data, you can analyze data over time to make informed decisions about your operation. You can start to track trends and catch issues before they arise with consistent data collection, helping your team implement changes that can improve your efficiency and repair machines before the problem becomes detrimental.

Start monitoring your machines today.

Never lose sight of the status of your machines with the addition of LQ Message machine monitoring software to your shop floor. You can optimize your operation with software that helps you improve productivity, increase visibility, shorten cycle times, and aid future growth. 

To learn more about how LQ Message can enhance your productivity, connect with a Sodick expert today.