The AQ1200LH features an even larger Z height at 23.6″, making it the largest machine with the tallest Z-axis.

X-Travel: 47.24″ (1,200 mm)
Y-Travel: 31.50″ (800 mm)
Z-Travel: 23.62” (600 mm)


The AQ1200LH is Sodick’s largest Wire EDM and features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology and a 24″ Z Axis. The AQ1200LH features a direct-drive, frictionless, vibration-free mechanism that has unrivaled acceleration and positioning accuracy with no backlash.


  • USB and LAN Connection Port
  • Remote Hand Control and Mouse
  • Energy Saving Circuit
  • Dielectric Cooling Unit
  • Built-In Voltage Stabilizer
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • On-Board, User-Friendly Heart NC Software
  • 44 lbs Spool Wire Feeder


  • Sodick Rotary Table (WS4P or WS5P)


X - Axis Travel 47.24” (1,200 mm)
Y - Axis Travel 31.50” (800 mm)
Z - Axis Travel 23.62” (600 mm)
U, V - Axis Travel 48.03” x 32.28” (1,220 x 820 mm)
Wire Diameter Range (min ~ max) 0.006” ~ 0.012” (0.15 ~ 0.30 mm)
Work Tank Dimensions W x D 71.81” x 55.12” (1,824 x 1,400 mm)
Max. Workpiece Weight 8,818 lbs (4,000 kg)
Distance from Floor to Table Top 47.24” (1,200 mm)
Machine Tool Dimensions W x D x H 190.95” x 159.84” x 115.35” (4,850 x 4,060 x 2,930 mm)
Machine Weight 26,455 lbs (12,000 kg)

Linear Motor Drives Coupled with Glass Scales

Sodick’s AQ1200LH Wire EDM features flat rigid linear motor drive technology; this guarantees machining accuracy since flat rigid linear motors never wear. Linear motors provide smooth, vibration-free table movement. Backlash is completely eliminated since there are no ball-screws or couplings. With the use of linear glass scales in the X, Y, U, and V axes, precision positioning accuracy with direct feedback is accomplished. This allows for unmatched straight and taper cutting accuracy. The longevity of this system is unmatched by anyone in the industry – and comes backed with a 10-Year Positioning Guarantee.

SMART Control Technology – LN2WH

The high-speed generating LN2WH Control uses a Windows platform. The system was designed to provide a user-friendly environment for the operator and still have the high-level functionality that is required in today’s demanding world. The control is network capable, which will allow for NC sharing, remote monitoring and messaging via LAN (option). The LN2WH Control automatically generates cutting conditions, offsets, corner control settings, wire speed, wire tension and other data necessary for proper operation. This is especially helpful to novice EDM operators, since no prior knowledge of EDM is necessary to achieve excellent results.


The AQ Series features energy-saving designs and technologies. Compared to conventional Wire EDMs, the Sodick Wire EDM Range can reduce average energy consumption by up to 60% by recycling unused discharge pulses that were not originally used in the discharge process.

10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee

At Sodick, we believe in our product. This is why we offer a 10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee on our flat rigid linear motor driven Wire and Sinker EDMs. We guarantee that you will not lose any accuracy within the flat rigid linear motor drives. Learn more at

Thermal Commit (TH COM)

Through sensing, the temperature of each component of the machine is precisely corrected and the Thermal Commit (TH COM) function, which provides various diagnostic functions, minimizes thermal displacement due to temperature changes in the installation environment and during high-speed driving.


Sodick’s Linear Motor Driven Wire EDMs have no backlash and are vibration-free, this results in machining accuracy combined with a fine surface finish.
Material: SKD11
Thickness: 2.756” x 3.937” x 4.724” (70 x 100 x 120 mm)
Surface Finish: 2.56 µm Rz
Wire: .008” (.20 mm)

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