ALG Series


The AL60G, linear motor drive die-sinker EDM which incorporates Sodick’s new generation SP controller with the Smart Pulse generator is now available in the Sodick product range.

X-Travel: 23.62″ (600 mm)
Y-Travel: 16.53″ (420 mm)
Z-Travel: 14.56″ (370 mm)


The Sodick AL60G is a high performance Rigid Linear Motor driven CNC Sinker EDM enhanced with the latest artificial intelligence (AI).


  • Rigid Linear Motor (X, Y, Z axis)
  • 10-year positioning Guarantee
  • Ceramic Structures
  • Dielectric Cooling System
  • 19″ Color Touch Screen
  • High Speed SP Power Supply
  • LN Professional AI Programming Software
  • 3-Sided Drop Tank


  • Programmable C Axis (SEC10)
  • Programmable C Axis (SCR72P) with up to 2,000 RPM
  • Automatic Electrode Changer with up to 32 positions
  • Table Down up to 4″ (100mm) (Factory Option Only)
  • Automation Interface for Full Robot and Cell Ingration
  • 40 Amp Power Supply Booster (additional 80 Peak Amp)
  • Offline Programming with LN Professional AI
  • SP-E Controller for up to 8 Programmable Axis


X - Axis Travel 23.62" (600 mm)
Y - Axis Travel 16.54" (420 mm)
Z - Axis Travel 14.57" (370 mm)
Table Dimensions W x D 29.53" x 21.65" (750 x 550 mm)
Work Tank Dimensions W x D 37.40" x 29.13" x 17.72" (950 x 740 x 450 mm)
Max. Workpiece Weight 3,307 lb. (1,500 kg.)
Machine Dimensions 73.82" x 115.35" x 101.18" (1,875 x 2,930 x 2,570 mm)
Machine Installation Dimensions W x D 102.36" x 151.57" (2,600 x 3,850 mm)
Machine Weight 11,794.73 lb. (5,350 kg.)  •  11,795" lb. (5,350 kg.)
Total Power Input 3-phases, 50/60 Hz, 17 KvA

Rigid Linear Motor Drives

The AL60G is equipped with in-house developed and manufactured Rigid Linear Motor Drives that allow high-speed and high response machining. Axis acceleration up to 1G enables stable machining even in the most difficult “no flush” cutting conditions.

Newly Developed SP Power Supply

The communication and processing speed has been improved further in the newly developed “SP Power Supply” , increasing motor response speed by almost double. The adaptation of the new “TMM4” and “BSN4” circuits improves the quality and speed across the entire discharge machining range.

“Arc-less 4” Circuit

The adoption of the latest electrical discharge control technology “Arc-less 4” circuit greatly improves the performance of the AL60G in terms of electrode wear, speed and surface finish.

New Discharge Circuits

New discharge control circuits TMM4, TPC4 and BSN4 are provided standard on the AL40G ensuring machining quality and speed are improved across all EDM processes. Short pulse high peak current ensures speed improvement throughout finishing cycles even in narrow gap applications.

Thermal Commit (TH COM)

Through sensing, the temperature of each component of the machine is precisely corrected and the Thermal Commit (TH COM) function, which provides various diagnostic functions, minimizes thermal displacement due to temperature changes in the installation environment and during high-speed driving.

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